Antoni Symphonique Violin Outfit Full Sized
Item Description:

Antoni ‘Symphonique’ Violin Outfit • Selected hand carved solid flame maple back • Selected hand carved solid flame maple ribs • Double inlaid purfling • Selected hand carved close grain spruce table • Selected solid hand carved flame maple neck and scroll • Antique French-style satin oil rubbed finish • Ebony fingerboard and nut • Ebony traditional pattern tuning pegs with inlaid brass and mother-of-pearl Parisian eye • Ebony tailpiece with four gilt adjustable fine tuners and inlaid decorative brass and mother-of-pearl Parisian eye • Ebony endpin with inlaid decorative brass and mother-of-pearl Perisian eye • Ebony Guarneri pattern chinrest with gilt clip • Selected hard maple fitted bridge • Octagonal, premium Brazilwood bow with white tip, nickel silver winding and leather lapped, fitted with natural white horse hair • Abalone mounted ebony frog with nickel silver ferrule and heel, nickel silver and mother-of-pearl Parisian eye and inlaid screw • Luxurious, professional oblong ‘nil gravity’ hard foam case, with integral canvas cover incorporating large external music pocket, double zip closure with additional weather proof flap, and shoulder straps • Midnight blue, short pile plush lined interior, two large, covered accessory pockets, twin bow holders, and integral hygrometer and luxury overlay cloth • Rosin cake • USA Super Sensitive ‘Octava’ Perlon core strings fitted as standard

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